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Senior Grand Prix


The GP is open to all senior paid-up Chorley members. The races have been specially chosen because they are enjoyable, and in some cases free.

Fell 2024

2024 Races
Best 10 races to count.

Road and Trail 2024

24th Feb Standish Hall Trail
25th Feb Lostock 6 mile Road Race
17th March Roddlesworth Roller Trail
14th April Brun Valley 10km Trail & Road
21st April Rivington 10 mile Trail
12th May Wigan Trail ( Enter early tends to fill up flat course)
15th May Horwich Coronation Trail
19th June Hurstwood Trail
30th June Trawden 7 Trail & Road
4th July Tockholes Trail
7th July Blackrod Scarecrow 10km Trail
29th July Beetham sports ( search for Olga's video on You tube for Beetham sports course overview)
8th September Yarrow River Splash Trail
24th September Worsley Woods Road/Trail
19th October Langdale Half Marathon Road
25th November Wesham 10km Road

Best 10 Races to Count

Fell 2023

2023 Races

2022 Race Results

Road and Trail 2022

This Year's road and Trail Grand Prix for 2020 is as follows
1. St Annes 10 miler 30th Jan
2. Grizedale Trail 13 6th Feb
3. Standish Hall Trail (10km) 19th Feb
4. Roddlesworth Roller 13th March
5. Brun Valley 10km Trail 3rd April
6. Rivington 10 miles Trail 10th April
7. Yarrow River Bluebell 10km 7th May
8.Penny Lane Striders 10km 19th June
9. Trawden 7 Trail 26th June
10. Horwich Jubilee Race TBC July
11 Worthorne Moor ( 7 miles) 7th August
12. Worsley Woods Trail TBC ( 25th September ??)
13. Through the Villages (5 miles) TBC (6th November)
14. The Turkey Trot Hurst Green (5 miles) TBC (18th December)
Please bear in mind that races do tend to fill up well in advance so please do enter early if you want to run.
Also some of the races in second half of the year have yet to be confirmed so may be subject to change.
Best 10 races to count and I'll have to fudge something together if we get a tie at the top.

Fell 2022

The Races and Scoring

Road and Trail 2019

GP After 3 Races

Race 1 : The St Annes 10 Mile Race 27th January
Race 2 : Settle Half Marathon 3rd March
Race 3 : Roddlesworth Roller 10th March
Race 4 : Grizedale Trail Race 10 miles 24th March(Date TBC)
Race 5 : Keswick Half Marathon 5th May
Race 6 : Haigh Hall Evening 4 miles 8th May( Date TBC)
Race 7 : Sabden Trail Race 6 miles 19th June
Race 8 : Horwich Jubilee Race 5 miles 17th July
Race 9 : Birchwood 10km 18th August (Date TBC)
Race 10 : Rivington Half Marathon trail 5th October
Race 11 : Standish Hall Trail Race 5 Miles 19th October( Date TBC)
Race 12 : Through The Villages 3rd November

Fell 2019

10/2/2019 Barbondale AS 2m 1200ft
24/2/2019 High Cup Nick BM 9.3m 1500ft
2/3/2019 Stan Bradshaw Pendle round BM 10m 2000ft
24/3/2019 Heptonstall BL 15m 3000ft
6/4/2019 Coledale Horseshoe AM 8.5m 3000ft
6/4/2019 Pendle as 4.5m 1500ft
20/4/2019 Rivington Pike as 3.2m 700ft
30/4/2019 Orchan Rocks as 3.4m 900ft
1/5/2019 Lotherdale BS 3.6m 600ft
4/5/2019 Coniston AM 8.7m 3500ft
19/4/2019 Calderdale relays
26/4/2019 Helvellyn & the Dodd's AL 15m 4400ft
2/6/2019 Edenfield BM 6.4m 1500ft.
6/6/2019 Henderson's End I/C 6th.
20/6/2019 Aggies staircase as 4m 1200ft.
22/6/2019 Clougha Pike I/C
23/6/2019 High Force BM 11m 1600ft
4/7/2019 Tockles (Don Ashton Memorial) BS 5.8m 1100ft
11/7/2019 Bull Hill BS 6.2m 1100ft
31/7/2019 Lee Mills BM 6.6m 1100ft I/C
3/8/2019 Borrowdale AL 17m 6500ft
4/8/2019 Farlton Knot as 4.5m 1500ft
24/8/2019 Chipping Show BM 7.5m 1800ft
7/9/2019 Grisdale Horseshoe AM 10m 5000ft
21/9/2019 Great Whernside AS 4m 1550ft
28/9/2019 hThieveley Pike as 4m 1300ft
6/10/2019 Hodgeson Brothers Relay race
12/10/2019 Langdale Horseshoe al 13m 4800ft
26/10/2019 Race to Summit BS 4.3m 900ft 26th
9/11/2019 Dinner Dale AS 5m 1350ft
30/11/2019 Kirkby Moor BM 1600f
24/11/2019 Lee Mills relays
8/12/2019 Vocation Mytholmroyd BM6.2m 1400ft

12 -Short races
12 -Medium races
4- Long races
Best 12 to count

4 Inter club races ( I/C) Pendle, Henderson's End, Clougha Pike(date to be confirmed and added to GP), Lee Mills.

3 relays the club attends,-Calderdale Relays, Hodgeson Brothers Relays, Lee Mills Relays

Points- 70 for short races. 85 for medium races .100 for long races (max 2 to count for GP) Also Inter Club Races will be awarded an extra 10 points per race + 10 points for completing all 4 !!Relays will be awarded 30 points for each leg completed!!

Fell 2018

Fell GP 2018

Road and Trail 2018

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Road and Trail 2017

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