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Due to the global Covid-19 pandemic normal training and racing is not possible.

Lockdown Easing (22nd February 2021)

England Athletics are pleased to confirm that clubs, groups, coaching and competition can return outdoors from 29 March for both adults and children, in line with the UK Government’s roadmap for easing lockdown restrictions announced on 22 February.

Senior Training

We are aiming to relaunch the Senior's Monday and Thursday night Training as Covid restrictions start to ease from the 29th March.

Our initial aim is to develop structured sessions aimed at all abilities with a view to improving our running over 5 miles to 10km distances in 4 week blocks, probably around Astley Park at 7.00 pm

Initially we will use the first 4 weeks just to assess where we all are after months of lockdown as we're guessing we've all been doing different things so will have different levels of fitness

We are also planning to relaunch the Thursday night sessions and are hoping to get a mix of runners down for a run of around an hour. We would like to able to initially have 3 groups at different paces to offer runners the opportunity of a session that challenges them but gives thems options if they want them.

However, to accomodate this we need some volunteers to come down on a Thursday and lead each group, we can come up with routes but it's more a case of making sure runners are safe and no one is left alone.

We plan to publish what the training sessions for the following 4 weeks are. We will also publish details of venues as to where we will meet. As covid restrictions ease and more venue's/pubs open we may well change the venue but initially it is likely to be either St Michael's subject to this being available on a Monday and the Queens Road Car Park near the war memorial in Astley Park but will confirm this at a later date.

If you are interested in volunteering to help lead a session please can you let me know. It doesn't have to every week as hopefully a few of us will be around so we can share it amongst a range of us

Monday Night Session

The Monday night sessions will resume on Monday 12th April at 7.00 pm from the Queens Road car park near the war memorial in Astley Park, though if you could aim to be there for 6.50pm please so we we can sort out registars which we have to take in the current environment.

With the Easter Holidays starting next week and us needing a bit more light( after allowing for the extra hour), as these sessions will be in the park, we felt it would be better to resume training after Easter to ensure continuity in training and to get the benefit of the longer evenings.

I have attached a training plan that Lisa has put together which looks fab with the focus being on 5 miles to 10km though it will benefit those looking to run shorter distances too.

Initially though it's about finding where we're all at and enjoying it

Thursday night sessions

The Thursday night session will resume on 1st April and will initially be road runs again at 7.00 from the Queens road car park and will be a tempo run. Again we'll have to take register's and adhere to current guidelines

To accomodate the different paces we run at we will have different groups so the faster groups will be doing sub 7 minute miles , with other groups running in the region of 8.30 minute miles and 10 minute miles and possibly some in between to offer a range of options

There will be a nominated person for each group responsible for doubling back and making sure no one is left around

The routes for first sessions back will be

Laney's Run Heapey ( short version approx 6.5 miles) Map

Laney's Heapey ( longer version approx 7.5 miles) for the fast group Map

Please do abide by the 2m social distancing guidelines in place and can you wear some high vis vests or kit especially on a Thursday evening

Junior Training

We are planning to restart some of the junior sessions from the 29th March 2021. These sessions will initially be outside.

Coaches will be in contact with athletes in the near future.

More Information

For more information click the link below.

This page will be updated with any relevant news during the period of closure.

Latest Communication

August 2020: CAAT Update Aug 2020.pdf
A message for our senior members CAAT-Resumption of Senior Training.pdf
A message for our junior members CAAT-Resumption of Junior Training.pdf

Latest Advice from England Athletics

Guidance from England Athletics (February 2021)

Keeping Busy

Your coaches are working on training resources that will be posted on this website (click Training Resources page), to try to support members to keep fit and healthy.

Members should follow government guidelines and restrict social contact by not gathering in groups and following published hygiene protocols. Also, when doing exercise, please do it in a safe environment and be considerate to others.

Membership and Subscriptions

We are mindful that we are in difficult times and that juniors pay by standing order for training sessions that cannot happen currently. Therefore we are proposing a couple of options to help and be fair to you.

1. Continue paying by standing order, and the club will reimburse individuals for the period that the club is closed (this is the preferred option to minimise our work when we restart).

2. Individuals stop paying their standing order and set them up again once the club is operating normally.

Also, we would appreciate the renewal of annual membership fees when due in April, but we understand that this may not be possible for many.


We will continue to keep members informed of the situation via this website and our Facebook group.

Please stay safe during these challenging times, and we hope to see all again soon.

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