Junior Training


IMPORTANT : Due to popular demand, most of our junior training sessions are currently full. If you would like to go on the waiting list please email details (name, age, email) to juniors@chorley-athletic-and-triathlon.org. An exception to this is our swim session 6-7pm at Brinscall pool still has some spaces.

Below is a list of training sessions where all our members and people thinking of joining Chorley Athletic and Triathlon Club are welcome to attend. Any fees charged go to help offset real costs incurred with running the sessions. Thanks to all coaches and assistants who give up their time to help others.

* certain age restrictions and/or terms and conditions may apply


Training Times

Winter Programme - October to March

  • Mon - 18:00 - 18:45 - John P (Fundamentals) training session.
  • Mon - 19:00 - 20:00 - Juniors - Holy Cross High School.
  • Thu - 18:30 - 19:30 - Juniors - Parklands High School.
  • Summer Programme - Easter to end of September

  • Mon - 18:00 - 18:45 - John P (fundamentals) training session.
  • Mon - 18:30 to 20:00 - Juniors - Holy Cross outside grass track/trail & sportshall.
  • Thu - 18:30 to 20:00 - Juniors - Astley Park.
  • Thu - 18:30 to 19:30 - Juniors Horwich Track.

  • Winter programme will revert back to 1 hour sessions when back indoor from October to March.

    Please note new training times - this is to incorporate quality training sessions as well as coaching expectations/plans and feedback goals/achievement. We felt that we do not have enough time to address some of these points to reach the full potential of the session alongside addressing the athletes understanding and questions. We also need to ensure that they are putting in quality warm ups and cool downs. Finally on top of this we need to address both the athlete and parent together and it is important that they are present at the end when the final messages are being delivered, alongside their child.

    Club Rules

    The Junior Committee are in the process of producing an information handbook for all juniors and parents. This should be available for the new club year in April. These are some basics they feel all parents & juniors need to adhere to from now on, to make sure juniors, and coaches, are safe.

  • All athletes must be signed in by parent/ responsible adult.
  • Training fees are due at the beginning of each session apart from swimming and cycling sessions, these are due at the beginning of each half term.
  • All athletes must be collected from the training venue at the end of each training session. This is important so that we can avoid any safeguarding incidents.
  • If your child cannot attend any session you must report their non-attendance via this email address juniors@chorley-athletic-and-triathlon.org The register administrators will monitor all absences through this address.
  • As there is now a waiting list, we have introduced the rule as follows: If you do not attend for 4 weeks without notifying the club then your place will be offered to the next child on the waiting list.
  • All athletes must try and compete in at least 1 club event each year. A full and varied list of events are available through the web site or attached to each newsletter. A separate email will be sent regarding events
  • All athletes should attend training session in club kit (i.e. t-shirt); this is subject to the availability of kit. There is a small amount of kit available for those aged Year 6 & above from parent volunteer Ruth Poar, ruth@cakesbyruth.co.uk
  • Attendance

    Review attendance of parents in the sportshall if capacity is full by all 3 or 4 Teams, due to weather, so that activities can take place safely, both for the athlete and parent. This is particularly important if we have throw sessions and some run sessions.

    Athlete to notify coach of any injury immediately so that adjustments or plan B can be implemented. This may be that you attend another Team session or even sit it out. It is not worth making it worse.


    We will close for (these are subject to change and will be confirmed a month ahead nearer the time)

  • 2 weeks at Christmas and New Year (according to school holidays)
  • Bank Holidays.
  • Easter from Maunday Thursday to past that Bank Holiday.
  • Mondays will be closed for two weeks 20 July & 27 July - this may be 4 weeks - Reopen 17 August.
  • Thursdays will be closed for two weeks only 23 July & 30 July.
  • Training Plans

    Each training session is to incorporate 2 separate disciplines per session. Incorporate core sessions in mesocycle 6-8 week training plan. e.g.
    Sit ups - how many quality ones can you complete in 30 seconds.
    Press ups - how many quality ones can be completed in 1 minute.
    Timed Plank - quality plank for 1 minute and build up from there.
    Timed Squat thrust - how many quality completed in 30 seconds.
    Balance tests (coach to include in plan)

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