How to get more Aero

Aero on Your Bike!

After coming back from watching some of the Ironman cycling and seeing the large differences in bikes, helmets and clothing used by the competitors, I decided to research improvements that any bike rider can make to become more aero; use less energy and/or increase speed.

In summary, the following are examples of time saved (in seconds) over 40km distance.

TT/Aero Frame 70s
Aero Bars 100s
Rear Disk Wheel 29s
Front Tri Spoke Wheel 42s

TT/Aero Helmet 50-60s
TT Skin Suit 134s
Shoe Covers 30s
Eyewear 0s ... but they look cool ;)

Shave Beard 0s
Shave Legs 70s
Shave Arms 19s

TT Body Positioning 56s

From the results above, it can be seen that anyone can achieve significant time/energy savings for modest amounts of cost or even free. Being aware of the information above will hopefully prevent you spending many thousands on the latest Time Trial bike, and then losing any benefit instantly though donning an ill fitting jersey or jacket.

Simon Townsend (off to buy some shares in Bic razors)

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