Coniston Fell Race

Coniston Race Report -2.5.2015                                                                                                                                                                                                                               



Weather report cloudy rain coming in by 15;30 !(The odd snow patch) Nice one we should all be finished  ! All seven of  us registered and waiting to start, Bill dithering over leggings /shorts (mentioned a balaclava at one point-(This guy thinks he’s Mr milk tray) and 10L of fluid ! Everyone gathers at the start in the rain ! All of us warming up on the hill start, Yewan looks like the hangovers kicking in, Nothing like a good hill to remind you of the nights events, Hey Yewan !!Anyway the race! Then one organiser  told us how great the weather had been the previous years, But hey there’s snow flurries and strong wind with chill factor minus 3,(Not my day!) eh!! Best put me hat and gloves on ! Off we all go straight in to the lung busting first climb, job done. Now the never ending climb up to Wetherlams to negotiate and the weather looks ominously bleak (Bill might be right, all snug in his gear). Well still climbing strong and down and across to Swirl Howe to start the ascent and heavens don’t look good it’s very bleak above .

I’ve got to get closer to the bunch in front cos the clags down and its freezing icy rain. Got to the top of Swirl Howe and I can’t see more than six foot in front, I’m on my own but I know the route (when I can see ).Snow flurries my arse it’s almost a storm up here ! Now I’ve got about 10 lads around me saying have you got a clue which way and all running around like headless chickens.(I’m very popular at this point) Just follow me nose and we will be reet I thought , Me and a Helm Hill runner set off in total confusion but the only ones with a bit of a clue ha ! Bloody hell if I get more lost Yewan and Co will beat me back or even worst the misses will and I’d never hear the last of that ! . Eventually we got to the’ Old Man’ and time for the legendry decent! Everyone’s going way to far right for me so I start the decent  with a few deciding to follow, Well I was way off and had to transverse back round as I could see Walna Scar Road , Yewan found the road and had to climb back up oops ! Got back on track and bumped into Hazel Robinson who was in the pack I tried to keep with (cos she knows the way!! Im now her friend) to find she’d got lost as well ha! Now just a long sprint to the finish and I’m back ! Then Dave Kershaw(strong bugger after Three Peaks) ,Yewan (Not looking too bad, abit pale!) Bill( At no point did I feel overdressed!!  ) Tash (Smiling as ever!!),Jackie(Wife looks a little blue! Was a bit cold! What else can a girl ask for on a bank hols Sat) and Jacko (smiling as ever and the girls fussing over him)

All beat the cut off due to the weather and arrived safely back ! Ready for the soup and cake waiting for us hmmm. Yep!!! All got lost at least once me twice but ‘hey ho’ its fell racing for you and weirdly enjoyable. Well that’s another classic race that Bills notched up even though he had more gear on than Pete Blands van had in stock ha.( can’t carry enough gear eh! -Pete said can he have the clobber back you borrowed.

 Bring on the next one!! which is inter club fell GP race 1 at Harrock Hill !!!!!!!!!! need as many out for this Chorley  got a trophy to defend ! Results not available yet.

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