Please Help Noddy

Miles of Smile

On Sunday 26th April, me and Keith have been given the opportunity to run this years London marathon for the club.

To add to the challenge, Ive decided to run it dressed as Noddy and in doing so, am hoping to raise a little money for a local based charity in Leyland called 'Miles of Smiles'.

MILES OF SMILES arranges smiles (aka treats) for children who need a little cheering up, whether it's because they have lost a sibling, care for a parent or have been going through difficult times.

Being a mum to three happy kids, whom quite often take for granted all the exciting things we do and all the good things we have. For some kids, it's not that easy so I'm hoping that my effort and your goodwill will give a few smiles to those local children who deserve a little happiness.

If anyone would like to donate a little to help make a smile happen, my just giving details are below or I have an old fashioned paper form for those who would prefer (see me or Keith at the club Thursdays).

Many thanks

Lisa Johnston (aka Noddy!)

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