Rivington Half Marathon Trail Race



The Rivington Half Marathon saw a good turnout of Chorley athletes participating, with Julian Goudge leading the way with a brilliant fourth placed finish.  I've added the club members that I spotted below (the results didn't make this easy!).  I expect I missed a few so please edit or make corrections to this blog as appropriate!

4 Julian Goudge 1:20:06
19 Robert Walsh 1:28:37
60 Michael Hancock 1:39:08
72 Bill Beckett 1:41:06
128 Marie Boyle 1:49:54
297 Janet Atkins 2:19:28
352 Tom Hilton 2:50:23

Heard some positive feedback about this event from a number of people who took part; hope everyone enjoyed it!


NB - if anyone makes any changes or would like to add a race report, please do so directly, or email me at mike.hendry@dunelm.org.uk and I will paste it in.





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