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Interclub road races are simple ... just turn up at the start and run.

Race distances tend to be 4 to 5 miles. Club kit must be worn. There is no pre-race registration but at the end of the race you will be given a card with your race position on it which you need to complete and place in the Chorley box (or Guest box if you've not yet joined). Results links below are courtesy of John Schofield's website.

Races are very friendly, social affairs, with a great turnout from all clubs and a very wide variety of abilities. If you have never raced before, there are no better races that these for getting a no-pressure taster.

2014-04-09 19:00 road Interclub Road #1(ic5) Blackpool
Based at Cricket Ground in Stanley Park
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2014-05-15 19:30 road Interclub Road #2(ic5) Lytham

A beautiful evening in Lytham greeted the 2nd Inter-Club race with a good group of Chorley athletes led home by Yewan Bennison(20th) and Robert Walsh(22nd). Not far behind were Joe Allman(40th), Phil Iddon(44th) and Paul Wareing(52nd). An unwell Keith Johnston(76th) kept Bill Beckett(75th) going ahead of Paul Bass(94th) and Jonathan Burgess(108th). Ruth Whipp(125th) lead the ladies challenged by Lisa Johnston(140th), Stephen Baker(145th), Ted Orrell(149th), Steven Wilde(158th) & Steve Thomas(164th). Phil McCullagh(167th) managed to stay in front of John Swift(170th), Christine Sweatman(175th) and Henry Minorczyk(176th). The final grouping contained Adrian Smith(210th), Tom Hilton(211th), John Payn(213th) & Mike Coppin(214th). Chorley's best team position was 5th vets team but individually we had 1st places for Ted(V75), Christine(F55) & John Payn(V80) with 2nd positions for Ruth(LJ) & John Swift(V70) plus strong performances from Yewan(3rd V40) & Robert(4th V40).

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2014-06-11 19:30 road Interclub Road #3(ic5) Preston

27 Chorley athletes contested the June Inter-Club road race in Preston where we were led home by Adam Sciacca(5th) & brother Ryan(18th) with magnificent runs.  Ainsley Murphy(32nd) did his best to keep up pushed by Chris Charnley(34th) who continues to improve and Phil Iddon(47th).  Martin Quinn(59th), Bill Beckett(64th), Paul Wareing(73rd), Warren Crook(78th) & Laura Murphy(85th) were all well to the fore.  Stuart Kilmartin came 106th being chased by Ruth Whipp(113th), Dave Kershaw(115th), Simon Townsend(119th) and Marco Sciacca(129th).  Despite his 75 yrs Ted Orrell(155th) still has much of the field behind him with Steven Wilde(169th), Henry Minorczyk(176th), John Swift(182nd), Phil McCullagh(194th).  Paul Jackson(210th) opted for one of his slow sessions leading home Les Paul(224th), Adrian Smith(233rd), Tom Hilton(234th), Paul Cunliffe(237th) with coach Stuart Swann(239th) nursing home Mike Coppin(238th).  Chorley picked up category positions old and young with Adam & Ryan being 1st & 3rd JM with Ruth 1st JL.  Laura was also 1st L35 as was Ted 1st V70 with John 2nd.  However these were only enough for Chorley to make 5th vets team and the 4th over 60 team.

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2014-07-14 19:30 road Interclub Road #4(ic5) Wesham

A dank evening greeted the 21 Chorley runners who turned out for the 4th interclub road fixture of the season at Wesham.  The race route took a pleasant and undulating course through the Fylde countryside, only slightly tainted by the metallic tang in the air from the nearby BNFL plant.

First back for the Chorley team was the ever reliable Rob Walsh (28th overall, 27:21), with Phil Iddon (42, 28:07) close by, then Bill Becket (63, 29:49), with Laura Murphy (65, 7th lady, 30:04) in hot pursuit - continuing her brilliant racing form and Darran Bowles (70, 30:24) close behind. 

A tight bunch of Chorley runners was next back in consecutive places from Mark 'Bondie' Bond (79, 30:39), Warren Crook (80, 30:43), Jonathan Burgess (81, 30:54) and Paul Wareing (82, 30:55) returning from injury.

Buried in the mid-field doldrums was Mike Hendry (102, 32:32), with Andy Lowe (110, 33:23) following and Rachael Gibson (124, 34:05) with a decent run.

A phalanx of veteran Chorley stalwarts was headed by Steven Wilde (152, 36:22), then V75 Ted Orrell (155, 1st V70+, 36:33), V70 John Swift (163, 38:00), Phil McCullagh (172, 38:46), Christine Sweatman (173, 38:52), Les Paul (197 43:40), Adrian Smith 203, 46:27, Tom Hilton 208, 49:34 and the ever dependable V70 Mike Coppin (210, 56:22) completing the Chorley team.

Team placings

The open team (Rob, Phil, Bill, Laura, Darran, Bondie, Warren, Jonny, Paul and, erm Mike - not particularly helping matters) were narrowly pushed into sixth place.

The ladies team (Laura, Rachael, Christine) were three short of making a full team so their sixth place finish by no means reflected the three individual contributions made.

Vets (Rob, Phil, Bill, Laura, Darran, Warren) did one better in 5th.  V50s (Warren, Paul, Andy, Steven) and V60s (Steven, Ted, John) also managed to complete teams at the event.

It's a shame there was no V70 team category, which the senior trio of Ted, John and Mike C would have won.  

Mike H

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2014-08-13 19:30 road Interclub Road #5(ic5) Chorley

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2014-09-03 19:00 road Interclub Road #6(ic5) Leyland

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