Sport England Grant

We've heard today that Sport England have agreed to fund the development of the Junior Triathlon section of 5,930 out of a total project cost of 16,682. This is fantastic news, and thanks go to all those who've been involved with the project, bid writing, and support so far, especially Nicola Rothwell, Katie Hewison & Lee Bowyer.

As you can see though, we will need to fundraise/get gifts in kind for the gap in funding to achieve the results we've set ourselves, (some of the GIK is already allocated to volunteer time).

Our targets over the next year are to get these people active:

Current participants = 20
Target Participants = 268

It may look ambitious, but with the partnership working we've already set up, working with Chorley Cycle Club; talking to Chorley Marlins about joint work, and also working with the Schools Sports Partnership and Chorley Council, we believe that it's achievable. If you'd like to be involved in the further development of this project, either in junior section, or to help any adults who are interested in triathlon, please get in touch via who will be co-ordinating the project to start with. We are looking for people who can volunteer to organise or support run, cycle and swim sessions or events; are happy and willing to go into schools to do sessions/talks; talk to local businesses; or anything else we haven't yet thought of!

It's an exciting time for the club and Chorley. We're just at the start of something we think could be quite special to support people get active in a fun way, and develop, what still is, a new club.

Thank you to the club & members for support so far.

T-J Hughes
Administrator, Chorley Junior Triathlon section

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