Kit Exchange

Lots of us have spare kit we've bought and decided doesn't really fit or our kids have grown out of in five minutes flat. How about passing this on to one of your club-mates - for their benefit and the benefit of the club? For items of no great value we'd just ask the buyer for a donation to the club (£5); where something is worth a bit more (>£50) - something you might have thought of selling on eBay perhaps - the seller gets most of the money and the club gets 10% to help fund those activities that help the club grow and support its budding (and aging!) athletes.

If you have items on the grown out of / unwanted shelf drop me an email to with a description of what it is, some idea of the value you think it has and contact details and I'll start building a list - example below. Our plan is that we'll publish the list on the website for members to view, potential buyers contact me, I'll put them in contact with the seller to agree the price and arrange handover of goods, the seller passes the donation to the club to a coach quoting the item number and lets me know so I can remove the item from the list. That's the plan Ė letís see how it works!

Now I know there are some too small kids running tights in the cupboard somewhere that someone else might as well get use out of..."

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