Astley Park Trail Series 2014

Location : Astley Park, Chorley
1. Wednesday 7/5/14

Thanks to all the helpers and runners that braved the wet weather (and the pub) to help with tonights' Astley Trail Races.

A damp night in Astley Park was the setting for the first Astley Park Trail Series evening race of the series.
Jullian Goudge was first back for Chorley in 25.32 in 6th place, followed by Robert Walsh in 13th. The came Ainsley Murphy, Joe Allman Jonathan Matlock, Paul Wareing, Bill Beckett, Alan Blackwell and Paul Bass in the top 60 or so finishers. Laura Murphy was 1st Chorley lady back, followed by Josie Hull, Marie Boyle, Rachel Gibson, Lara Dickenson, and Lian Nelson-Verracha. Coming back from injury Jonathan Burgess came 66th, closely followed by Michael Hendry, and then Steven Wilde, Chris Charnley, Antony Lloyd and Les Paul.

Jack Wilson finished an excellent 4th in the Junior Race, with Chorley's Caitlin McCarrick being the 1st girl back. Oliver Goldthorpe just beat Daniel Liley, Jack Hughes and Jacob Hughes for 13th, 14th and 15th and 18th place respectively. Then came the rest of the team of Olivier Leigh, Henry Wilson, Joseph Greenway, Lucy Douglas, Joe Bowles, Dennis Kay, Martin Rimmer, Finlay Hughes, Amber Boardman, Angel Coakley, Lauren Prince, Joseph Chadwick, Alice Singleton, Owen Kellet, Isabelle Farron, Teddy Henry, Megan Wilson, Blythe Cordwell, Megan Whalley, Amelia Bowles, Erin Boardman, Beth Carke, Emily Warren, Will Forthergill, Elizabeth Baron, Erin Clarke, Sam Prince, Tom Murphy, Robert Kellett, Megan Leigh, Layla Alton, Lily Brindle, Patrick Baron and Ellie Hancock.

2. Wednesday 4/6/14 CANCELLED - cannot use park

3. Wednesday 2/7/14
Senior Results
Junior Results

4. Wednesday 6/8/14
Senior Results
Junior Results 

Registration : The Baron Rest Pub, Astley Village, Chorley
Races : Adult (7km), Primary/Junior (1.6km)
Time : Primary/Junior : 19:00, Adult : 19:30

Entry Forms:

Junior Course with marshal points.
Senior Course with marshal points.

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