Horwich Triathlon

Horwich triathlon saw its largest ever turn out this weekend with 328 starters. It started as a drizzly and misty day for the first waves but the weather improved and although a bit breezy on the bike course at times, it turned into a pleasant day.

Triathletes set off in waves in Horwich pool swimming 500m, 20 lengths, before dashing across the road, jumping onto their bikes and setting off on the 24ish mile bike course around Belmont and Chorley. Back into transition, running shoes on and then a 5 mile run up Rivington Pike followed by a faster descent into Horwich dodging Church goers and car doors. Its a hilly triathlon apart from the swim of course!

The race was won by Alex Lawton from Team JMC / Man Tri 1h 45m 40s.

There was an excellent turnout of 7 Chorley Triathletes.

Finishing first for Chorley was Joe Duckworth in a fantastic 10th position overall and 2nd M40 in a time of 1h 54m 44s

Just under the 2 hour mark was Julian Goudge in 18th position having collected a time penalty in transition for taking his helmet off before racking his bike - 1h 58m 25s

Jonathon Mann continued his excellent season with a time of 2h 06m 36s in 41st place.

Scott Leverington made it into the top 100 in 97th - 2h 17m 05

Nikki Rushton finished 120th overall and 4th in the womens race in 2h 20m 15s beating last years time.

Jonathon Baron completed in 140th, Joe Allman in 244th, and Anna Maria Crabtree was 265th and 12th in category 2h 44m 44s.

Well done to all. Julian

Joe Duckworth 10th (2nd V40) 1:54:44
Julian Gouge 18th (9th V40) 1:58:25
Jonathon Mann 41st 2:06:36
Gary Vernal 95th 2:16:40
Scott Leverington 97th 2:17:05
Nicki Rushton 120th (4th V40 Female) 2:20:15
Jonathon Baron 140th 2:23:02
Joe Allman 244th
Anna Marie Crabtree 265th 2:44:44

328 competed and the event had a sprinkling of pros for good measure.

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