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Northern Track and Field events (4 in total) are for seniors only, but athletes of 15 and above are OK to compete. The events are friendly affairs, and provide a low risk, easy way of trying track and field events. Each team has up to 2 athletes per event, and points are awarded for final positions. As well as athletes, we need marshalls, time keepers and helpers on the day (they get a free packed lunch). For more information please contact Pat, Simon or Stuart.

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3rd August 2013 Salford



The last Northern Track and Field meeting was a bit of a family affair with Sciacca, Wareing and Townsend parents and kids providing 8 of the 11 strong Chorley team. All of the team members performed in upto 7 different events each, as well as officiating!

Andrew Ramsey(a budding multi-eventer) performed admirably in sprint and throwing events, but was hampered by hamstring problems. Eluned Smith lead the women's team by example, with gutsy running, throwing and jumping. Masters sprint champion, John Wright ran well in the in the 100m and 200m sprints. Junior Anya Townsend broke 26m for the first time in the Javelin competition finishing 2nd overall, some 15m ahead of a PB from her mother Kath. Adam Sciacca won the 1500m and 5k, with brother Ryan finishing 1st in the 800m. Father Marco and Simon survived another 3000m Steeplechase. Shaun Wareing debuted in a sub-20min 5k, with father Paul grabbing vital points in the 400m, 800m and Shot Putt.

Thanks to all competitors and officials.

7th July 2013 Salford



The small, but hard-hard working Chorley claimed an impressive 2nd place in the last Northern Mens and Womens Athletic meet in a very hot Salford, only 10 points behind the leader.
Young sprinters Bolu Olufon and Nick Fowler each took 2nd place in the two 100m races, and vet sprinter John Wright took a 2nd place in the 200m B race. Sprinter Andrew Ramsey went long with a 3rd in the 400m, and 2nd in Hammer. Sprinter Rick Cordwell tried other events, and was rewarded with a 1st in the 400m Hurdles and Triple Jump. Multi-event expert, Ian Gouldthorpe scored the most points with his 8 events, which included a 1st in 400m and 2nd in 110m hurdles. Adam and Ryan Sciacca won the 1500m and 800m races respectively.Vet Paul Wareing won the 500m and scored a 2nd place in the 800m B Race. Vets Simon Townsend and Marco Sciacca successfully negotiated the 35 jumps in the 3000m Steeplechase for the first time. The performance was enhanced with a 2nd and 3rd in the 4x100m and 4x400m relays.
Eluned Smith led the ladies by example, with a great points haul in the 100m, 400m, Hammer, Discus and Long Jump. New athlete Josie Hull won the 3000m backed up with a good run, jump and throw in the 1500m, Long Jump and Shot Putt respectively. Anya Townsend PB’d in the Javelin, and threw well in Discus and Shot, and took 1st place in the 1500m B Race. Vet Kath Townsend threw a Javelin for the first time, and helped the ladies secure a 4th place in the 4x100m relay.

9th June 2013 Hyndburn


Chorley athletes topped up their tan and performed well at the recent Northern Track and Field compeition in Hyndburn. Youngster Megan Tuson took 2nd place in her Javelin competition and scored valuable points in the High Jump. Eluned Smith had a good 8.46m triple jump, backed up with good performances in Long Jump, Discus and Shot Putt. Anya Townsend just pipped Eluned in the Shot Putt with a PB of 6.32m, followed by 24m and 17m plus throws in Javelin and Discus, and a useful 3rd place in the 1500m.

Multi-event specialist Ian Gouldthorpe took a PB in 400m Hurdles with a time of 71.5s, plus great results in Discus, Javelin, Shot Putt, Triple Jump and a 15.0m High Jump. Adam Sciacca was disappointed by an otherwise brilliant 16.49 time for 5000m, but threw a very good 27.48m Javelin. Master sprinter John Wright did a 60.9s 400m, and a good performance in Long Jump and Hammer. 11.4s and 23.8s for Andrew Ramsey in the 100 and 200m, was backed up with some useful throws in Hammer and Shot Putt. Bolu Olufan seems to be improving his start with a 11.8s 100 and 24.1 200m, and good 5.38m Long Jump. The 4x100m squad suffered 2 pull hamstrings, but still finished to collect points. Simon Townsend filled in spaces left by others, running 800m, 1500m, 5000m and one of the 4x400m legs.

5th May 2013 Robin Park


Chorley’s track and field team made a storming start to their 2013 campaign with second place at the first Northern Mens and Womens league meeting Wigan.

Ian Gouldthorpe showed that winter training had gone well with 1st in Triple Jump and 400m Hurdles, plus good results in Shot, Discus, High Jump and Javelin. Adam Sciacca also claimed 1st in the 5000m, followed by Simon Townsend who got a 1st in the B race. Brother Ryan Sciacca was busy with 4th, 3rd and 5th in the 400m, 800m and 1500m respectively. Father Marco followed his on to a 4th in the 800m B race and 3rd in the Javelin. The Chorley sprinters performed very well,, with Andrew Ramsey taking 3rd in 100m, 2nd in B 200m and a 4th in the Shot. Junior Nick Fowler ran a 2nd in the B 100M, plus performed brilliantly in the 4x100 and 4x400 relays. Bolu Olufon took a 3rd in the Long Jump and 5th in the 200m B race. Coaches John Wright and Rick Cordwell also had a busy day. Rick was 1st in the B High Jump, Hammer and Triple Jump finals, 4th in Long Jump and 5th in 400m. John was 2nd in the 400m Hurdles and 5th in the Hammer. The 4x100m team were just beaten to 2nd place and the 4x400 was 4th after almost dropping the baton.

Eluned Smith has a good start to the season two 4th places in Discus and Triple Jump, plus three 5th places in Hammer, Shot and Long Jump. Holly Ainscow also claimed valuable points with 7th in 100m, and a 3rd, 4th and 5th place in Long Jump, Triple Jump and Hammer. Youngster Anya Townsend took 3rd A places in Javelin and Discus, and 4th place in 1500m and Shot Putt. Megan Tuson and Angela Macham both made their debuts with a 3rd B place in the Javelin event for Megan and a 6th in 100m followed by 2nd in the 3000m for Angela. The ladies 4x100m team also managed a 6th place.

Thanks also to Chorleys’ Discus officials, Jan Mayor, Stuart Swann, Alan Morris, Marco Sciacca and Simon Townsend, that also earned valuable points for the team.

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