Interclub 2013

Final Results

Final Results


Interclub road races are simple ... just turn up at the start and run.

Race distances tend to be 4 to 5 miles. Club kit must be worn. There is no pre-race registration but at the end of the race you will be given a card with your race position on it which you need to complete and place in the CAC box (or Guest box if you've not yet joined). Results links below are courtesy of John Schofield's website.

Races are very friendly, social affairs, with a great turnout from all clubs and a very wide variety of abilities. If you have never raced before, there are no better races that these for getting a no-pressure taster.

Race 6 : Red Rose 4th September 2013


Race 5 : Chorley 14th August 2013

Club runners and helpers will be required on the night in Astley Park.

Race 4 : Wesham 23rd July 2013


Race 3 : Preston 12th June 2013

New Course Map

The 3rd Inter-Club race at Penwortham had Bill Beckett(74th) as the first Chorley finisher leading Henry Minorczyk(90th), Warren Crook(94th) and Simon Townsend(96th). A fast finish from Anya Townsend(139th) did for Steven Wilde(141st) and Stephen Baker(144th). A battle of the 70 year olds was won by Ted Orrell(155th) 5 secs to the better of John Swift(156th) with behind Christine Sweatman(163rd), Phil McCullagh(173rd), Jackie Shore(183rd), Les Paul(186th), Adrian Smith(190th) & Mike Coppin(192nd). The highest team place for Chorley was 4th for the V60s although individually Ted was 1st V70 and Henry, Anya, John & Christine were all second in their classes.


Race 2 : Lytham 2nd May 2013


Chorley suffered from a shortage of athletes in the second Inter-Club road race at Lytham(5) coming the day after the home Astley trail races but Keith Johnston(18th) did well leading Chorley in with Dave Biddulph(36th). Paul Wareing(55th) had another good race ahead of Jonathan Burgess(85th), Simon Townsend(95th) and Henry Minorczyk(97th). The older brigade were brought home by Ted Orrell(131st), Steven Wilde(141st), Christine Sweatman(156th), John Swift(164th) and Phil McCullagh(165th). Jackie Shore(181st) showed her back to Les Paul(185th), Tom Hilton(192nd), Paul Cunliffe(196th), Mike Coppin(197th) with John Payn(199th) race walking in literally a few seconds behind. Individually Ted was 1st V70, Christine(F55) & John Payn(V75) both second with John Swift(V70) & Henry(V65) both third. The V60 team was 5th.


Race 1 : Blackpool 10th April 2013

Short 4 mile park course. Park at Cricket Pavilion at Stanley Park, and start is very close by. Food and presentation after race. Race start is 19:00.


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