Daffodil Doddle Course

Here is a brief description of the Daffodil Doddle course, with a few photos. Numbers in brackets are marshall points.

Start just outside Abbey Village school. DO NOT GO ON ROAD UNTIL TOLD TO DO SO.

On your marks, get set go...

...downhill past Garden Terrace (D1)

Lilac Grove on your left, head towards Naga (D2)

Turn left on to narrow path after Naga car park(D3)

Turn right over bridge...(D4)

...and then left again.

Keep left at Y junction.

Follow path on to Pleasent View (D5 and D6).

Remember to run down the pavement.

Left on to Bury Lane(D7).

Straight on at the junction towards the hill(D8).

Keep going up the hill...

...and you reach the highest point on the course(D9).

Left towards Abbey Village(D10).

Stay on the pavement.

Left at the Hare and Hounds(D11).

Run down the pavement to the school.

Turn left in to the school grounds and the finish is in the playground :)

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