Roddlesworth Roller Course Pics

Here is a brief description of the Roddlesworth Roller course, with a few photos. Numbers in brackets are marshall points. Road racing shoes are not recommended for the course, but any trainer with a moderate grip should be fine.

Start on the track next to Hare and Hounds (M1).

Follow road at the side of reservoir and around the cottage(M2) - no shortcut!

Over the bridge(M3).

Follow track to next reservoir and bare left(M4).

Follow track up the hill baring left.

Phew ... reach top of Fletcher's Hill (M5).

Whoosh ... watch your footing down the steep hill (M6).

Up and down a little, and then straight on at the cross roads(M7).

Up and down a little more, past the charcoal pits on the left.

Follow the track over Rocky Brook (M9).

A long gradual climb up the hill, with a 'sting in the tail' just before the top.

Hard left at the top of the stoney track (M10).

Left again on to the main road (M11).

Just over 1km gradual descent on road.

Hard left through fence (M12).

And then take path to right down the hill.

Hill can be slippy and muddy.

Through the fence and turn right back home.

Initially stay left along the path.

And then back up Fletcher's Hill.

Long gradual descent to reservoir.

Turn right at the end of the dam.

Long flatish run into finish (M2,M3), around to the left of the cottage - no short cut!

Finish - time for a brew and cake:)

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