Northern Track and Field League 2013


Northern Track and Field events are for senior only, but athletes of 15 and above are OK to compete. The events are frienly affairs, and provide a low risk, easy way of trying track and field events. Each team has up to 2 athletes per event, and points are awarded for final positions. As well as athletes, we need marshals, time keepers and helpers on the day (they get a free packed lunch). For more information please contact Pat, Simon or Stuart.

More information

We are in League $W with Deeside, Hyndburn, Isle of Mann B, Colwyn Bay, Salford, Warrington and Wigan.

5th May 2013 Wigan

9th June 2013 Hyndburn

7th July 2013 Salford

3rd August 2013 Warrington

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