Astley Park Trail Series 2013

Location : Astley Park, Chorley
1. Wednesday 1/5/13
2. Wednesday 5/6/13
3. Wednesday 3/7/13
4. Wednesday 7/8/13

Registration : The Baron Rest Pub, Astley Village, Chorley
Races : Adult (7km), Primary/Junior (1.6km)
Time : Primary/Junior : 19:00, Adult : 19:30

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Junior Course with marshal points.
Senior Course with marshal points.

Race 4 - 7th August 2013
Junior Results
Senior Results

The final 2013 race in the Astley Trail series ended in record breaking mode with 273 finishers in the senior race. Firstly the junior race had a blanket finish between Byron Baker(7th), Jack Wilson(8th) & Ben Hughes(9th) chased hard by PJ Holden(13th), George Norris(14th), Alisha Ibitoye(18th) & Oliver Goldthorp(19th). Darryl Hobin, Caitlin McCarrick, Niall Maloney, Henry Wilson, Joe Bowles & Jack Hughes were 23rd to 28th with Martin Rimmer(30th), Emily Hunter(31st) and Kasi Holden(34th). Ciera Clitheroe(41st) lead Megan Wilson(43rd), Charlotte Lavin(44th), Alice Singleton(46th), Jack McLaughlin(47th) and Sadie Kirk(49th). Amelia Bowles(53rd), Blythe Cordwell(56th), Elizabeth Baron(59th) & Patrick Baron(67th) completed the Chorley runners. Chorley was the 2nd team to Horwich. 29 juniors completed the series with George Norris, PJ Holden, Jack McLaughlin, Patrick Baron, Alisha Ibitoye and Megan Wilson all being first in their age groups with Oliver Goldthorp, Jack Hughes, Joe Bowles, Caitlin McCarrick, Emily Hunter, Ciera Clitheroe, Alice Singleton, Amber Boardman & Blythe Cordwell being 2nd.

The senior race was part of the Central Lancs Grand Prix series and also a memorial race for Mike Ogle our former blind runner with the Chorley runners lead home by youngster Adam Sciacca(10th). Jonathon Mann(25th), Chris Lane(44th), Shaun Wareing(49th), Mark Ellithorn(68th), Paul Wareing(80th) & Robert Walsh(85th) all pushed the pace to keep ahead of Bill Beckett(94th), Andrew Clough(96th), Darren Bowles(99th), Josie Hull(102nd) & Mark Bond(105th). Jonathon Baron(123rd) lead Thomas Kershaw(126th) who was a few steps ahead of his father Dave(130th) with Warren Crook(150th), Leah Nelson-Verrechio(172nd), David Miller(191st) & Anya Townsend(206th). Lisa Johnston(235th), John Swift(236th), Christine Sweatman(239th), Jenny McCabe(241st), John Minton(245th) & Jan Atkins(246th) all finished in a group. Chorley's ladies were the 4th team against the mens 6th place. John Swift was was 1st V70, Josie, Leah & Anya were 2nd, 3rd & 4th juniors with Adam(Jnr), John Minton(V70) and Jan(L65) all 2nd place categories. 15 seniors completed the series with the ladies team being 1st again outdoing the mens 2nd. First places were gained by Briony Curtis(L, Laura Murphy(L35), Anya Townsend(Jnr) and Jan Atkins(L65) whilst Jenny McCabe(L35), Jane Bowles(L45) & Les Paul(V65) were all 2nd. Ainsley Murphy(V40) was 3rd. Finally the Mike Ogle trophy was awarded to Ken Fowler of Bolton being the 1st V60 in the series.

Race 3 - 3rd July 2013
Junior Results
Senior Results

Chorley junior athletes turned out in their numbers for the third Astley Park Trail race where Byron Baker(10th) just nosed out George Norris(11th), Jack Wilson(12th), Ben Hughes(13th) & PJ Holden(15th) just in front of Scott Gouldthorpe(20th), Oliver Goldthorp(22nd). Alisha Ibitoye(23rd), Darryl Hobin(26th) & Niall Maloney(28th). Martin Rimmer(35th), Emily Hunter(37th), Jack Hughes(38th), Andrew Cawley(39th), Ciera Clitheroe(41st), Jon Linford(42nd), Caitlin McCarrick(44th), Henry Wilson(45th), Katie Hebblethwaite(47th), Joe Bowles(49th), Harry Potts(50th) and Teddy Henry(52nd) all finished in a bunch with a little space before Alice Singleton(57th) and then another group of Amber Boardman(61st), Jack McLaughlin(62nd), Megan Wilson(63rd), Tia Fife(64th), Amelia Bowles(66th), Lauren Prince(67th), Elizabeth Baron(69th), Sam Prince(70th) and Blythe Cordwell(72nd). Evie Rothwell(75th), Lemoni Truran(76th), Patrick Baron(78th) & Emily Humphrey(81st) completed the home runners. Chorley boys and girls were both 2nd teams to Horwich but age category success went to Alisha and Evie who were both 1st, PJ, Ciera, Alice & Lemoni all 2nd with George, Scott, Megan & Sam all 3rd. In the seniors Calum Cant(7th) ran well finishing afar from others who came in pairs Andrew Clough(31st) & Paul Wareing(32nd), Kevin Rothwell(37th) & Briony Curtis(38th), Darren Bowles(41st) & Bill Beckett(42nd),Ainsley Murphy(45th) & Allan Blackwell(47th) with trio Josie Hull(53rd), Jonathon Baron(54th) & Laura Murphy(55th). Leah Nelson-Verrechio(76th) was next in front of Michael Wilson(84th), Barry Chester(85th), Nicola Ingram(86th), Jenny McCabe(87th), Jane Bowles(90th) and Stephen Baker(92nd). Jo Heron(97th) lead Jan Atkins(101st), John Minton(103rd), James Shuttleworth(105th) and Les Paul(107th). Chorley's mens team was 4th eclipsed by the ladies who were 1st this being reflected by Briony 2nd lady overall with category winners Josie, Laura, Leah & Jan and Jenny 3rd. Calum & John were also winners with Les gaining a 2nd place.

Race 2 - 5th June 2013
Junior Results
Senior Results

Photos by Martin Harrington

A glorious evening greeted the second Astley trail races run by Chorley Athletic & Tri Club with the junior numbers expanding to 97 to be threatening the seniors at 121. George Pier of Clayton Harriers ran an extremely quick 5:15 circuit of the park to beat race 1 winner Alex Proctor of Oldham & Royton. Briony Holt(17th) was the first girl in 5:55. Byron Baker(3rd) lead in the home Club runners ahead of a tussle between Jack Wilson(13th), PJ Holden(15th) and Ben Hughes(18th). Oliver Goldthorp(26th) outran Alisha Ibitoye(32nd), Scott Gouldthorpe(34th), Jack Hughes(36th), Melissa Ingram(37th), Darryl Hobin(41st), Jack Bowles(43rd), Andrew Cawley(44th) and Martin Rimmer(46th). Dominic Gouldthorpe(48th) lead the next band of Emily Hunter(49th), Henry Wilson(52nd), Ciera Clitheroe(58th), Charlotte Lavin(60th), Teddy Henry(61st) and Harry Potts(62nd). Amber Boardman(66th), Megan Wilson(68th), Jack McLaughlin(70th), Lauren Prince(71st), Alice Singleton(72nd) and Amelia Bowles(74th) all ran well. At the youngest ages Mathew Brown(86th), Elizabeth Baron(87th), Patrick Baron(92nd) & Emily Humphrey(94th) also all ran well. Chorley were again both 2nd teams in the boys & girls. Individually Joe Bowles & Emily Humphrey were 1st U9B & U7G with PJ Holden 2nd(U11B) and Byron Baker, Oliver Gouldthorp, Alisha Ibitoye, Emily Hunter & Ciera Clitheroe all 3rd in their age groups.

In the senior race Chorley were again both 2nd men & women teams with Keith Johnston(9th), Jonathon Mann(10th), Chris Lane(19th), Robert Mayor(23rd), Joe Allman(27th) and Robert Walsh(30th). Briony Curtis(34th) was our first lady home outpacing Bill Beckett(37th), Darren Bowles(45th), Ainsley Murphy(48th), Mark Bond(52nd) before Laura Murphy(60th). Allan Blackwell(63rd), Jonathon Baron(65th), Dave Lee(72nd), Barry Chester(77th) and Stephen Baker(82nd) were ahead of Anya Townsend(89th), Jenny McCabe(90th) and Jane Bowles(96th). Steven Wilde(102nd) brought home the rear guard of Nicola Ingram(103rd), Janet Barrow(105th), Joanne Heron(111th), Jan Atkins(114th) and Les Paul(118th). Individually the ladies did good with Anya(LJ) and Jan(L65) both 1st in their categories with Laura(L35) and Barry(V60) 2nd with Briony(L, Dave(V65) & Steven(V55) all 3rd.

Race 1 - 1st May 2013
Junior Results
Senior Results


Thanks to all the officials, marshals, course constructors and helpers for supporting tonights' Astley Park Trail Series and Junior Series races.

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