InterClub Road and Fell Races 2013

MPORTANT : Inter-Club Road & Fell Grand Prix
1. This is a series of 6 road(4 to 5 miles each) midweek races(Preston, Blackpool, Wesham, Lytham, Red Rose & Chorley) over the summer months each Club hosting with sandwiches afterwards, combined with 4 local fell races(of less than 8 miles each), 2 midweek & 2 weekend, also over the summer months. 15 yrs + for road & age per distance for fell.
The annual meeting is to be held on Monday 15th October to agree the programme for 2013 which has been proposed as :- Road - 3/4/13(Blackpool), 9/5/13(Lytham), 12/6/13(Preston), 15/7/13(Wesham), 14/8/13(Chorley) & 4/9/13(Red Rose). Fell - 4 local races to be chosen. [NB - The road and fell are combined, we cannot opt for one and not the other].
2. The first question is 'do Chorley athletes wish to continue in this competition' ?
3. The second question is for a volunteer to front this for our Club. This is not an onerous task nowadays with only this one meeting and our own race to organise which as an established fixture is fairly easy. I will of course help whoever volunteers and after doing this for 28 years I think I know how it works, but I now deserve a rest !
4. Every club member who feels we should continue in this competition should let Simon Townsend ( or myself know asap, and any suggestions for the fell races to be considered would be welcome.
5. I will attend this meeting on the 15th with whomsoever volunteers. If we do not have a reasonable Club endorsement from you Chorley athletes, nor a volunteer to continue, I will retire Chorley from this competition which would be a shame after 32 years and considering Chorley was the original initiator of these races.

Mike Coppin

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