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Please can we also ask that all athletes come prepared to train both indoors and outdoors e.g. suitable footwear, clothing, waterproof jackets and drinks. Reflective vests (with names in) are also a good idea and I have seen them in Aldi or running shops for less than 5.

Insight into future events

Track sessions we are hoping to get track sessions arranged for all young athletes in April/May, and this is likely to be on Thursday evenings at Bolton Arena.

Grand Prix there will be a series of races for all young athletes to compete in throughout the year. The athletes will gain points at each race and be placed in an in-house grand prix. Prizes will be awarded at the end of the year. The first race to date was the Daffodil Doddle on the 9th March and was very well attended. Thanks.

Anyone wishing to offer help in anyway please get in touch whether it be a regular job, one-off, coaching or admin all help appreciated.

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