Brooks Green Silence

Brooks Green Silence - Racing Flat
Make an eco-statement with the Green Silence racing flat. Each and every part in this fast, groundbreaking shoe has a sustainable element, including soy-based inks and recycled materials. And in this case, "green" goes hand-in-hand with the great performance you expect from Brooks. The Green Silence helps you take responsibility, and first place, with good karma to spare.

Green features include the world's first-ever biodegradable midsole for running shoes and 75% of the shoes materials are post-consumer recycled. They are also really light at of only 196 grams and will not break the bank at RRP 55.

My reason for purchase was wanting a light-weight, neutral, cushioned racing flat at a reasonable price. My initial impressions are very favourable, with the shoes being some of the most comfortable I have ever run in. The shoes fit like a glove, and have a unique lacing mechanism to ensure the show feels part of your foot. The shoes are asymetrically coloured, and are quite brightly coloured in a fetching green and blue (or orange and yellow).

by Simon 17/4/2011

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