Chorley's New Kit 2017 - under construction


Hello everyone

We have been working hard in the background with a number of suppliers, parents and coaches to create a new kit that both embraces the current design of our Vests, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Cycle and Tri-wear.

To Order

Please see Rihad Farron or Mel Singleton at Holy Cross on Monday night. They will collect your order details and payment, and group together requests for manufacture. Because kit is manufactured in batches, there may be a few weels delay before goods are received.


Both juniors and adults need to pay full price.

Unfortunately, there can be no refunds for kit purchased in the wrong size.

If you are not ready yet for kit we will be placing orders periodically when there is a need to do so. If you miss this order then it may be a couple of months before the next one so please be aware that there may be a wait.

The minimum club order is 6 of any one item. So as a club we would need to have these numbers before ordering.

Richard Farron

New Kit
Adult Vests £17
Junior Vests £15

Hoodies (by Kudos)


Sizing Chart
Adult Hoodies £45
Junior Hoodies £35
NB : The hoodies are pullovers, not zipped jackets.

T-Shirt (by Scimitar)

Adult T-Shirts £24
Junior T-Shirts £20

Tri and Cycle Wear (by Tactic)

No Sleeve Tri (ladies)

No Sleeve Tri

Short Sleeve Tri

Cycling Range (men)

Bib Tights

Cycling Long Sleeve Suit (unisex)

Cycling Jacket

Cycling Bibshorts

Cycling Short Sleve Jersey

Cycling Short Sleeve Suit (unisex)

Cycling No Sleeve Wind Jersey

Cycling Long Bib Tights

Cycling Long Sleeve Jersey

Cycling Short Sleeve Jersey

Cycling No Sleeve Jersey (unisex)

Cycling Range (ladies)

Cycling Long Big Sports (ladies)

Cycling Range (ladies)

Cycling Long Sleeve Jersey (ladies)

Cycling Bib Shorts (ladies)

Cycling Short Sleeve Jersey (ladies)
Other (by Tactic)

OMM Jacket

Additional Information