Junior Training Payments


From September 2018, it is planned to implement a Standing Order payment scheme for all juniors, so that money is not required to be collected at training sessions. The intention is to have all juniors at St Michaels and Bolton Track sessions set up to pay by a monthly fee direct into the club bank account rather than by cash as they attend each session.

This method of paying for training is adopted by many other clubs, and seems to work well.

A register of athletes attending each session will still be completed for each session.

If anybody is struggling with this new method of payment system, please contact a coach or Phil Iddon.

IMPORTANT : Of course, this does mean that all juniors attending training sessions will need to be paid up members.

Training Costs

The monthly fee is £5.50 if a junior attends 1 session per week, or £12.00 if they attend 2 or more sessions. Members will still have the option to utilise time credits if they require.

Previously, £2 was collected from every junior at every session and so the cost for a junior attending one session per week could be £8 to £10 per month. Therefore, the new payment structure should be more cost effective and easier for parents too.

September 2018 Transition Period

Payments forms will be distributed to each junior over the month (starting with at St Michaels on Thursday 30th) . These forms contain 3 items - a letter of (hopefully) explanation, a standing order form to be give to their bank or used for online banking and a 'session list' which is to be completed and returned to their coach. These session lists will then need to me passed over to me. The standing order form and session list contain corresponding references which will enable me (hopefully) to identify each payment in the bank account and draw up lists of who has paid and is due to attend each session.

Cash payments will stop immediately from the end of August 2018.