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Track - Senior Men

60miRick Cordwell-7.8(2014)
100mAndrew Ramsey-11.5s(2014)
200mRick Cordwell-24.5s(2013)
400mRyan Sciacca-53.1s(2011)
800mRyan Sciacca-1:58.1(2012)
1500Adam Sciacca-4:02.63(2017)
5000Adam Sciacca-14:51.99 (2017)
3000SCRick Cordwell-14:04.5(2015)
110m HurdlesRick Cordwell-20.5s(2104)
400m HurdlesRick Cordwell-64.5s(2017)
Long JumpRick Cordwell-5.77m(2017)
Triple JumpRick Cordwell-11.53m(2014)
High JumpIan Gouldthorpe-1.55m(2012)
JavelinRyan Sciacca-34.37m(2018)
Shot PuttRick Cordwell-7.74m(2017)
DiscusRick Cordwell-20.70m(2017)
HammerRick Cordwell-19.52m(2017)

Track - Senior Women

100mDevon Berry-14.4s(2018)
200mGeorgia Martin-29.1(2014)
800mAnya Townsend-3:01.4(2017)
1500Anya Townsend-6:06(2013)
100m Hurdles 
400m Hurdles 
Long JumpDevon Berry-6.62m(2018)
Triple JumpDevon Berry-9.86m(2018)
High JumpDevon Berry-1.45m(2018)
JavelinAnna Peers-36.86m(2016)
Shot PuttAnna Peers-10.00m(2016)
DiscusAnna Peers-38.04m(2016)
HammerAnna Peers-24.65m(2016)

Sportshall - YR6/U11 Boys

1 lapSam Prince-13.1s(2018)
2 lapOliver Palk-25.4s(2018)
3 lapJack Hughes-42.1s(2015)
Long JumpOliver Palk-2.14m(2018)
Triple JumpDominic Evans-5.02m(2018)
Vertical JumpSam Prince-49(2018)
Chest PushOliver Palk-6.3m(2018)
Balance BarBob Kellett-60(2018)
Speed BounceBob Kellett-48(2018)
High StepperRyan Leigh-14.2(2018)
Target ThrowDominic Evans-14(2018)
Javelin ThrowMatthew Bolton-18.75(2015)

Sportshall - YR8/U13 Boys

2 lapAlex Glew-25.6s(2018)
4 lapJack Lamb-55.6s(2018)
6 lapJack Lamb-1:28.3(2018)
Long JumpJack Lamb-1.58m(2018)
Triple JumpAlex Glew-5.52m(2018)
Vertical JumpJack Lamb-45(2018)
High StepperJack Lamb-15.6(2018)
Shot PuttAlex Glew-4.70m(2018)
Speed BounceAlex Glew-75(2018)

Sportshall - YR10/U15 Boys

2 lapJoe Greenway-25.5s(2018)
4 lap
6 lap
Long JumpJoe Greenway-1.85m(2018)
Triple Jump
Vertical Jump
Shot PuttJoe Greenway-5.2m(2018)
Speed BounceJoe Greenway-71(2018)

Sportshall - YR6/U11 Girls

1 lapAlice Lamb-13.3s(2018)
2 lapRebecca Parker-28.4s(2018)
Long JumpChristina Stewart-1.44m(2018)
Triple JumpAlyana Armed-5.22m(2018)
Vertical JumpSophie Ashworth-35(2018)
Chest PushJenny Poole-3.80m(2018)
Balance BarJessie Hesslington-36(2018)
Speed BounceJosie Leigh-48(2018)
High StepperAlice Lamb-14.9(2018)
Target ThrowAlice Lamb-7(2018)
Javelin ThrowOlivia Waddington-18.00(2018)

Sportshall - YR8/U13 Girls

2 lapAbbey Riley-23.8s(2018)
4 lapLucy Poole-51.8s(2018)
6 lapLucy Poole-1:24.2(2018)
Long JumpSophie Riley-2.18m(2018)
Triple JumpLucy Poole-6.24m(2018)
Vertical JumpAbbey Riley-55(2018)
Shot PuttMegan Ashworth-6.51m(2018)
Speed BounceElla Coles-81(2018)

Sportshall - YR10/U15 Girls

2 lapAnnabel Stewart-25.2s(2018)
4 lapOlivia Leigh-51.4s(2018)
6 lap
Long JumpAnnabel Stewart-2.03m(2018)
Triple JumpKate Waddington-6.18m(2018)
Vertical JumpLauren Prince-46(2018)
Shot PuttKate Waddington-8.11m(2018)
Speed BounceOlivia Leigh-88(2018)


Men: Adam Sciacca 15:24 South Manchester(2017)
Women : Finty Royle 19:19 Exmouth(2018)
Girls :

Junior Parkrun

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