Senior Grand Prix


The GP is open to all senior paid-up Chorley members. The races have been specially chosen because they are enjoyable, and in some cases free.

Fell 2018

Fell GP 2018

Road and Trail 2018

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Mens 2018 Table
Ladies 2018 Table

Road and Trail 2017

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Mens 2017 Table Final
Ladies 2017 Table Final

Road and Trail 2016

Men 2016 Table Final
Ladies 2016 Table Final

Road and Trail 2015

Men 2015 Final Table
Ladies 2015 Final Table

Fell 2017

Fell GP 2017 Click Here

Mark Ellithorne


Hopefully it is self explanatory but I have also come up with a different scoring system which, whilst too late for this year feel would benefit all the Grand Prix series.
All race will count.
1st=100 points
2nd=90 points
Continuing down in 10's to 30 where it then goes down in 1's. 29,28,27 etc.

I think this will still recognise consistency but create a more realistically competitive leader board.

Ainsley Murphy

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