QuoLux™ New Purpose-led Business Evaluation

Please interpret all the questions using these scoring guidelines. When scoring assume you are being audited by an external body and are required to provide evidence.

Scoring Group Score Description
Not happening 0 Does not happen and not aware that is it being considered
  1 Does not happen but has been discussed
  2 Will be happening soon
Occurs in an adhoc way 3 Started to occur but at an early stage
  4 This occurs occasionally in a small way
  5 This happens across the organisation in a reactive and adhoc way
Occurs linked to strategy & measurement 6 This occurs but only loosely aligned to strategic objectives of the business
  7 This occurs and is closley aligned to strategic objectives and measures
  8 This occurs and is integrated into strategic objective setting and organisational wide measurement at all levels of the organisation
Advanced approach 9 As per 8 and becoming nationally recognised
  10 As per 8 and recognised as a world leading benchmark organisation in our sector



People Dividend

In our business, employees...
1. Feel that their conditions of employment are good (e.g. pay, holidays, working hours)
2. Are fully engaged and feel responsible for achieving
3. Have fulfilling roles and are supported in the development of their careers
4. Feel a strong sense of ownership to the business purpose
5. Feel that they are recognised for their work and appreciated by management
6. Are frequently asked their opinions on issues and actions facing the company

Innovation Dividend

In our business employees...
1. Continually review how products and services can be enhanced
2. Learn from customers how to improve our products and services
3. Are actively engaged with suppliers (and partners) to enhance value
4. Undertake regular reviews of business processes to enhance sustainability
5. Are encouraged to bring forward ideas on a regular basis
6. Understand the importance of innovation to advance our purpose

Operations Dividend

In our business employees…
1. Actively address where value is generated and lost in our business processes
2. Seek to make our products, services and systems be more sustainable
3. Continually pursue productivity and quality
4. Drive the use of digitalisation to enhance value and reduce waste
5. Investigate and apply best practice techniques
6. Actively pursue positive stakeholder impact across our whole supply chain

Financial Dividend

In our Business we...
1. Actively measure and report on our assets - financial, human, reputation, operations
2. Have a fully developed financial performance measures and forecasts at all levels of the business
3. Align our financial measures with the mission and purpose
4. Actively engage employees in investment planning to enhance financial, human, reputational and operational assets
5. Provide financial transparency with regard to the development of the business and risk management
6. Growth of the business (organic or M&A) is aligned with the business purpose

Reputation-Brand Dividend

In our business we believe our customers...
1. Associate our brand with reliability, competence and trust
2. Promote our products or services to others
3. Engage with us to develop our products or services
4. Value the purpose-led brand associated with our business
5. Are supportive and loyal to our products/services and our business
6. Believe we understand their needs and respond effectively to meet these

Planet-Community Dividend

In our business we ...
1. Understand how social impact enhances business value
2. Partner with customers, or charities or suppliers to realise social impact
3. Actively shape business objectives to align with social impact
4. Measure the value to the business from engagement in social impact
5. Appreciate the global challenges and understand where we can make impact
6. Are guided by the UNSDGs with a common view on how to protect the future